Extended Hand Outreach

Welcome to Extended Hand Outreach

Extended Hand Outreach has officially been operating in Phoenix for 9 years now. Our mission is to reach out to those in our communities that suffer from life controlling issues- such as addiction and abuse, and provide them with safe and temporary housing, counseling, and job training.

We aim to fulfill their needs and give them love, support, and training so that ultimately, they will be healed and prepared to live an abundant and productive life off the street.

We typically have 35 residents at a time. All residents who stay in our program are required to volunteer in our work program with one of our three local partners 5 days a week to learn job skills, responsibility, and contribute to our program fees. When our residents are not working, they are attending meetings, training for their growth, or counseling. Our goal is to see that they take steps toward a lasting change.

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